Value for Money

Standard Features

automateCRM is feature loaded and comes with various customization possibilities available under Settings.

All these features are available as standard across all our packages.

Unlimited Records

No limitation on how many Customers you can manage or records that you can create in the CRM. Absolutely no limit on how much data can be managed in the CRM.

Custom Roles and Permissions

Control how data is shared between users, assign custom permissions and roles to users. Also control what actions such as import, export, deletion etc. can be performed by users.

Data Import

Import data from CSV, Excel or integrate with other application to automatically capture useful information. Define default assignee and values, handle duplicates and create standard File columns to CRM Field mappings.

Multi Channel Communication

Reach out to your customers over there preferred communication channels like Email, Whatsapp, SMS, Phone. We have ready integration with over 20 communication service providers.

Mass Edits and Conversion

You can easily select a list of records and edit them in one go. All your workflows will get triggered as records get updated. Organize Leads into campaigns and convert qualified Leads one go.

Layout Editor

Create custom blocks and organize your fields in blocks. Re-arrange fields and blcoks with our Drag and Drop layout editor. Re-arrange related information tabs and various preferences.

Escalations and Alerts

Set turnaround time on Sales, Tasks, Projects, Tickets etc. and define actions to be taken for timely resolution such as sending notification prior to approaching deadline or escalate to reporting manager.

Role based dropdown values

Along with ability to create custom dropdown values and colours, you can also control which Roles can access the values. You can also restrict the values in dropdown based on a parent field.


You get 100 GB of storage space organization wide. Organize your related documents, arrange in folders, upload files, in built Excel editor, MS Docs editor.

Unlimited Automations

Trigger workflows on any update in the CRM. Such as send Email on new Lead, Create Projects, Route Tickets, Sales movement tasks, even generate personalized PDF and send automatically.

Data Export

Export your data in Excel format. You can export all data or filter to matching records or select the records that are to be exported. Create tabular reports and schedule them to email exported data at defined time interval.

Custom Fields

Create as many custom fields as you need. We have got more than 20 types of fields. Control which fields are mandatory, key fields, quick create enabled and mass editable.

Duplicates Prevention

Set duplicate prevention rules based on combination of fields. Also, during import you can define how duplicate data has to be handled, to nbe skipped, merged or overwritten.

Menu Editor

Organize Menu items into various categories. Control which items must be displayed on Menu and which one should be hidden. Create shortcuts for quicker navigation.

Approval Flows

Create multi level Approval flows and automatically trigger them. Keep an eye on pending approvals, notify users for approval, gather rejection notes etc.. Such as when a discount applied on Quote.

Message Scanners

Monitor inboxes, social media comments, mentions, reviews, DMs and take actions such as to create a Task on negative sentiments or if a matching keyword is found.

Pivot, Custom Reports, Dashboards

Visualize, Agreggate, Drill down, Plan and get clear insights on your data using Pivots, Customer Tabular and Chart Reports and ready made widgets on Dashboard.

Mobile Applications

Update data on the go with our Mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Also, you get automateDial mobile app for your telecalling team!

All Features and Packages




User Access and Control

Organization Hierarchy

Data access rules

Module Level Permissions

Field Level Permissions


Unlimited Custom Fields

Layouts Editor

Menu Editor

Custom Dropdown Values

Role Based Dropdown Values

Dependency Setup on Dropdowns

Conditional Highlighting of records

Regional Tax Management



Data Management Tools



Mass Edits

Custom Duplicate Prevention Rules

Duplicate Merge

Global Search

Dynamic List

Static List

Custom View

Cross Module Fields


Personalized Email Templates

Email *

Personalized SMS Templates


Phone Call



Contact forms



Unlimited Advanced Workflows

Scheduled Workflows*

Escalation Rules*

Approval Flow

Email Scanner*


Custom Modules


Custom Charts

Custom Reports

Custom Dashboards

Pivot Reports

Export reports and charts

Real-time Reporting

Scheduled Reports to Email*

Sentiment Analysis/AI*


Phone calls, Meetings, Activities

Follow-up’s automation

Calendar View

Recurring Events


Upcoming and Overdue activity tracking

Notifications and Reminders

Document’s storage and sharing

Gallery View of Images

Leads Management

Multi-Source Lead capturing

Auto Lead Assignment

Lead Distribution Criteria

Lead Scoring Rules


Lead Conversion

Mass Lead conversion

Web Forms

Sales Management




Affiliates Sales and Management


Mass Opportunity Generation

Custom Pipelines

Sales Signals

Products Sales Tracker

Sales Automation

Sales Activity Tracking

Sales Escalations

Notes and Comments

Conversation Tracking

Web Forms

Quotes Management


Location Based Search and Tools



Email Templates

SMS Templates

WhatsApp Templates

Email Broadcast

SMS Broadcast

Sequences(Drip Marketing)*

Click to Call

Auto dialler

Opt Out and Unsubscription

Personalized Messages


Case Management

Ticket Allocation

Status Tracking

Email to Tickets

Web to Tickets

Social Comments to Tickets

Tickets to Opportunity

Service Contracts

Team Collaboration

Feedback Tracking



Customer Portal


Project Management


Project Tasks


Project Versions

Project Templates

Gantt Charts

Interactive Resource Allocation

Timeline View


Comments and Notes

Opportunity to Project conversion

Customer Portal

Products and Services

Products Management

Service Management


Price books

Taxes Management

Multi-Currency Pricing

Stock Management

Product Images

Vendor Management

Purchase Orders


Sales Orders


Recurring Payments

Payment Tracking

Zonal and Regional Taxes

Multi-Currency support

Line items Tracking


REST API (100 calls per min)*

Scale with Value Addons



Drip Campaigns(Sequences)

INR 500 per sequence(includes 500 subscribers)

INR 500 per additional 500 subscribers per sequence per month

Scheduled Workflows (workflows that execute at a frequency)

included by default: 5

INR 1,000 per additional 5 Scheduled Workflows per month

TAT/Escalation Rules

included by default: 5

INR 1,000 per additional 5 Rules per month

Scheduled Reports to Email

included by default: 5

INR 1,000 per additional 5 Scheduled Reports

Mail Scanner

included by default: 1 Inbox

INR 1,000 per additional inbox per month

PDF Template and Converter

INR 10,000 per year

Storage Space

included by default: 100 GB

INR 1,000 per 100 GB


default rate limit: 10,000 calls per month

INR 1,000 per 10,000 calls per month

Understanding the Pricings


The fee that is charged on recurring basis for using the platform. This involves a base fee which includes 3 users minimum and then fee for additonal users as required. We have various types of packages based on the features that you would need. This fee keeps our infrastructure running, schedule free workshop today to get the best package!

Implementation and Support

To get best returns from a platform it requires product knowledge, understanding processes and challenges faced by team members. Our Product experts helps you configure and roll out the platform in best possible manner. Otherwise, you can also learn about platform from our academy and Knowledge base and implement by yourself.

Custom Development

Every business is unique and sometimes it is required to develop custom features or integrations specific for a business. All development is done in-house or by our Technical Partners. Cost depends on the effort required for development. Custom development is available with only specific packages.

Value Addons

Businesses come in different sizes, some might be sending 100 emails in a month where as others 1 Million. You can purchase more automations, emails etc. as needed. This helps you save a lot of cost which otherwise would be under-utilized. All our packages contains good amount of these services enough for most.