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An All in One CRM platform to streamline your entire business process including Sales, Marketing, Support, Projects, Subscriptions, Payments, Partners, Vendors for all industries.

(Flat 50 USD/3000 INR with unlimited users for 3 months, all features)
(Flat 50 USD/3000 INR with unlimited users for 3 months, all features)
It’s all about the Strategy

Start with our free one-to-one online workshop which will help us to understand your business process and challenges, followed by a demonstration of personalized setup for your business.

How automateCRM can help you with Leads Management?

Let us take a simple yet very common scenario where you have a Contact Us form on your website which is published at Google, Facebook etc., when submitted saves the information(Lead Capturing) in a centralized system, followed by a personalized welcome or thank you message/s (Lead Nurturing), gets assigned to members of your Sales Team equally (Lead Distribution) and assigns a task to call (Cloud Telephony) the lead within 2 hours (Time Based Escalation Rules) and then finally updating the Status (Lead Qualification) and next steps (Followup Management).

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You have achieved a lot in this simple scenario
Saved 3 hours of time everyday.
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No need of export-import routines between different softwares.
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All your Marketing messages are now being sent automatically.
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All your Leads are in one central place.
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Your sales team is well aware of their tasks.
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You have all the insights about your Leads on fingertip.
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Absolutely anywhere! You can easily connect to custom Website, WordPress, Facebook Lead Forms, Instagram Lead Forms, Messenger, Incoming Calls, Whatsapp with our native integrations. You can also utilize our REST APIs to connect to custom applications or use Quickworks to utilize ready connections to over 1000 applications.
You can easily communicate with your Leads over Email, SMS, Phone and Whatsapp. Along with that you can also engage your website visitors using Push notifications, Facebook Messenger Chat plugin and Live Chat softwares.
No, there is no limitation on the number of Leads. You can always manage as many Leads as you want.
Yes, you can easily define the data sharing rules. You can also create unlimited custom Roles and Profiles with various permissions (upto field level!).
Yes, you can easily import from CSV files, you don’t need to follow any particular templates. You will be able to map your CSV columns to the respective fields. Also, you can easily export your leads in CSV or Excel format.
No, automateCRM is an All in One platform which means Sales Management, Marketing automation, Support System, Project Management, Payments, Subscription Management, Partner Management, Vendors, Workflows, Analytics everything is available under single software.
(Flat 50 USD/3000 INR with unlimited users for 3 months, all features)
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Track website activity
Know what your website visitors are looking for, what pages they are going to and take actions to further engage them with personalized offers, dynamic content or triggering a live chat.
Identify visitors on your website
With your smart marketing solution which works with your website analytics and tracking system like Google Analytics or Matomo you can easily identify your website visitors. This will help you with optimizing your marketing efforts and providing a much engaging and personalized experience to your website visitors.
Capture Leads from almost anywhere
You can capture leads from various sources such as Landing pages, Website contact forms, Facebook Lead forms, Google Forms, Typeform, Inbound Calls, Emails. Also you can connect to more than 1000 Apps using our Quickworks connector or use our Open REST API.
Lead Distribution
Distribute Leads not just based on Zip codes or Lead Source, but with our workflow system you can create any criteria and rule to distribute leads effectively to right Sales Agents or Teams.
Lead Segmentation
Segment your leads the way you want by defining the segmentation criteria as per your need. You can include any field or data point in your criteria and get the matching Leads in realtime. You can even automatically add the Leads to the right marketing campaign automatically based on the segmentation.
Lead Nurturing
Engage and Nurture your Leads on their preferred communication channel, at the right time with personalized messages and offers. You can even create personalized images and videos on the go!
Lead Follow Up
Schedule messages for follow ups and reminders saving you precious time. Also, you can create time based rules to automatically alert the sales team or escalate to the reporting manager about stalling Leads.
Lead Scoring
Set automated rules for Lead Scoring and move them through your sales stages automatically. Notify your team about hot Leads and re-engage cold leads with marketing automation. Include data points like website activity, social media engagement, message frequency, demographics in your Lead Scoring criteria.
Lead Conversion
Track what is working to convert your Leads. Identify the Lead Source with the highest conversion rate, record calls, track messages templates, form submissions, observe best performers from your team and repeat the process for increasing your conversion rates.
Analytics and Insights
Create unlimited custom dashboards, Schedule Reports, Drill down charts, Set Targets and get insights about your Leads with inbuilt Analytics and Reports. Take snapshots and collaborate with your team to better understand your data and take data-driven decisions.
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3 reasons to choose automateCRM?

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